Disposable Face Mask PPE

Product Classification         
Respiratory Protection- Disposable 3 ply face mask

Construction / Design         
Triple-layer design using dual headbands with flexible nose clip

Latex free polyester inner and outer material with elastic ear bands for comfort

Blue exterior mask color with white interior mask color

Unit of Measure             Box

Packaging                     50 Masks per box



·         Triple construction for a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE) of 98%

·         Protects against non-oil and solid particulates

·         Soft-padded nose seal to help prevent eye wear from fogging

·         Masks achieve a 97.6% efficiency filter rate in lab testing

·         FDA and CE approved



Do Not Use For:  Gases, vapors, including those working in paint spraying operations, oil aerosols, asbestos, arsenic, cadmium,lead, 4,4’-methylenedianiline (MDA) or sandblasting.

Aerosol concentrations that exceed 10 times the OSHA PEL, or applicable exposure limits, whichever islower.  


Disposable masks  do not supply oxygen.

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