Diversified Supply Inc. (DSI’s) On-Site Material Management (OSMM) process is offered to help assist our clients in the execution of large and small construction projects. OSMM is designed to increase productivity by maintaining a continuous flow of material. With this process, DSI has the responsibility of providing consigned inventory of electrical products built around the scope of the project.

On-Site Material Management allows DSI to partner with suppliers of other disciplines such as mechanical, safety, and consumables. Helping streamline the order process to a single point of contact for the client is an amenity we offer.


  • Special project pricing
  • Additional experienced people resources
  • Vendor flexibility
  • Accelerated timelines Replace with Reduced or elimination of Surplus Material.
  • Improved logistics of material



DSI has accounts with, and purchase in bulk, directly from major manufacturers in our industry. This allows us to obtain excellent pricing; therefore, we have the capability to offer top tier commodity groups at competitive prices saving you money on your next project.

Order Processing

Our orders are processed the same day as received. Being that DSI holds stock at multiple warehouse locations, we can ship inventory-based material same day from any of our multiple facilities.

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  • On-site material management
  • Material kitting
  • Product sourcing
  • Bin stocking
  • Wire & cable management

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