From everyday wiring for buildings to cables for the harsh environment of the factory floor and construction projects, Diversified Supply, Inc. (DSI) has your wire and cable needs covered. This total cost of ownership solution provides documented savings by way of cutting-to-length from manufacturer master reels. With more than $2M of cable inventoried, our wide selection includes tray cable, armored, non-armored and instrument cable available in a variety of colors.


Shop our wire and cable offerings now for products from the manufacturers you can trust.

  • Wire is stored at our (DSI) locations
  • Inventory management
  • Well-known, trustworthy wire and cable manufacturers supported
  • Cut-to-length from manufacturer master reels
  • Tray Cable, Armored, Non-Armored and Instrument Cable Inventoried
  • Custom Shipping options
  • Quick shipping capabilities, most orders ship within 24 hours
  • Large project job site/release coordination