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Full Cycle Ratchet Hand Crimper, #26-#8
Manual Cable Cutter, 1000 kcmil CU/AL
HYTOOL™ #14-4/0, Permanent BG/D3
HYTOOL™ #14-4/0, Perm BG/D3, Composite
Full Cycle Ratchet, #22-10 for Vinyl
Full Cycle Ratchet, #22-10 for Nylon
Full Cycle Ratchet, #22-10 for Bare
Mechanical Rotating, #8-4/0 Copper
Ergo Ratchet, #22-10, Bare Connectors
Ergo Ratchet, #22-10, Nylon/Vinyl Conn
Dieless Hytool, #8 Str. through 250 kcmil Copper, #8 Str. through 4/0 Str. Aluminium Conductors, 22.65 in L, Wire lug crimping tool.
Dieless Full Cycle Ratchet, #10-1/0 AWG
Ratchet Cable Cutter, 1000 kcmil CU/AL
Ratchet Cable Cutter, ACSR, CU/AL, 0.74"
Ratchet Cable Cutter, ACSR, CU/AL, 1.25"
Ratchet Cable Cutter, 750 kcmil CU/AL
Ratchet Cable Cutter, ACSR, CU/AL, 1.38"
WEJTAP™ Removal Clip, Red/Blue for WTHRB
Plier Crimper, Installs #22-10 AWG insulated and bare lugs and splices, Strips #10-22 AWG wire, Cuts common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws.
Plier Crimp/Cut, #22-10 Nylon/Bare
Ratchet Crimper, #12-2 Str, Solid, Flex
Y1MRTC, Select HYLUG™, HYLINK™, Case
Ratchet Crimper, #8-1 Bare, #14-4 C-Tap
Y1MRTC, Select Conn, YC4L12, Case
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