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Circuit Analyzers

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Wallplates and Boxes, Device Accessories, 125V, Receptacle Polarity Checker, Plug-In
SureTest® Circuit Analyzer
Alligator Clip Adapter for 61-164 & 61-165
Receptacle Tester w/GFCI
Analog Breaker Finder
SureTrace™ 955 Circuit Tracer Open/Closed
SureTrace™ 957 Circuit Tracer Open/Closed
SureTrace™ 959 Circuit Tracer Open/Closed w/Clamp
Pro Amplifier Probe
Master Series Network Service Kit
Battery Pack for 61-959 SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit
Cradle for SureTrace Receivers RC-955 & RC-959
Circuit Tracer, Inductive Clamp, 61-958
Pro Amplifier Probe
SureTrace™ Receiver - RC-955
SureTrace™ Receiver - RC-959
SureTrace™ Transmitter - TR-955
Circuit Tester
Circuit Breaker Finder Accessory Kit
Tone Test Set Generator (includes 9 volt battery)
Inductive Speaker Probe with 9 volt battery, duckbill tip and needlepoint tip
Tone Test Set and Inductive Speaker Probe each with belt holster
Total 22 products