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Multi Tool, Stripper, Crimper, Wire Cutter, 8-22 AWG
Wire Stripper and Cutter Compact
Wire Stripper and Cutter with Spring
Crimping and Cutting Tool for Connectors
Insulated Crimping and Cutting Tool
Wire Stripper/Cutter Stranded Wire
All-Purpose Shears and BX Cable Cutter
Insulated Wire Stripper and Cutter
Wire Stripper/Cutter, 22-30 AWG Solid Wire
Dual-Wire Stripper/Cutter for Solid Wire
Wire Stripper/Cutter 8-16 AWG Stranded
Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper/Cutter
Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter
Solid and Stranded Copper Wire Stripper and Cutter
Insulated Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper/Cutter
Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper and Cutter
Wire Stripper and Cutter, Self-Adjusting
Replacement Blades for Wire Stripper 8 to 22 AWG
Blades for Wire Stripper 16 to 26 AWG
Golden Tri-Cut Blades, 100-Pack
Golden Tri-Cut Blades, 10-Pack
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