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250 MCM Long-Arm Cable Cutter, 14"
500 MCM Long-Arm Cable Cutter, 22"
1000 MCM Long-Arm Cable Cutter, 32"
9-1/2" Cable Cutter - Dipped Grip
750 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter
Big Kahuna™ Drill Powered Cable Cutter
Merlin™ ACSR Drill Powered Cable Cutter
9-1/2" Cable Cutter - Smart Grip™
Replacement Blade, BX Cutter, 1/pack
Sir Nickless™ Armored Cable Cutter
High-Leverage Insulated Cable Cutter, 9-1/2", 2/0
Data T®-Cutter
T®-Cutter Lite With Cushioned Handles
Armored and BX Cable Cutter
Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter, Blue, 7 1/2-Inches
Multi-Cable Cutter Klein-Kurve®
Cable Cutter Coaxial 3/4-Inch Capacity
Cable Cutter Coaxial 1-Inch Capacity
Utility Cable Cutter
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